Puzzle Hunt Calendar
May 18-Jun 15
Mountain View Mini-Puzzle Hunt Mountain View, CA
Jun 15
Great Gotham Challenge MMXXIV New York, NY
Jun 15-Sep 23
Fairfax County Puzzle Hunt Fairfax County, VA
Jun 29
ER Qualifications Online (finals will be in Poland)
Jul 6 (recurring)
P&A Magazine Issue 105
Jul 9 (recurring)
Puzzled Pint a city near you?
Jul 16
Edric's 2024 Ptruzzle Hunt
Aug 9-18
Grand Hunt Digital
Oct 19
Arizona Treasure Hunt Phoenix, AZ
Oct 26
Puzzle Boat 11, This is Puzzle Boat
Sep, 2025
DASH 12 A city near you?

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Ongoing and TBA: gcal (subscribe) | ical

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Puzzle Hunt Calendar is made by Dan Egnor. The Planning Cabal folks are Brent Holman, Jeff Wallace, and Curtis Chen.