Puzzle Hunt Calendar
Palo Alto Puzzle Hunt Palo Alto, CA
Jun 2-11
Admiral Boötes’ Cosmic Discovery Expedition: Further Galaxies
Jun 3
King Kong Jr vs Godzilla Jr (road rallye) Mountain View, CA
Jun 3 (recurring)
Great Gotham Challenge: Central Park Sprint Summer Series New York, NY
Jun 3
ER Champ Stress Test (online, finals will be in Poland)
Jun 10
Great Gotham Challenge MMXXIII New York, NY
Jun 13 (recurring)
Puzzled Pint a city near you?
Jun 24
ER Champ Eliminations (online, finals will be in Poland)
Jun 30-Jul 2
glyph 4
Jul 1 (recurring)
P&A Issue 101
Jul 16-22
Edric's 2023 DUAL Puzzle Hunt
Aug 27
BAPHL 22 part I Boston, MA
Sep 10
BAPHL 22 part II Boston, MA
Oct 14-15
Compass 2023 New York, NY
Oct 21
Puzzle Boat X
Oct 28
Arizona Treasure Hunt Phoenix, AZ
Nov 4
Gala & Auction Boston, MA

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Resources of note

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Traditions: Arizona Treasure Hunt, The Game, MITMH, The Rallye Club, BANG, EPP, DASH, BAPHL, Puzzled Pint, Mission Street

Puzzle Hunt Calendar is made by Dan Egnor. The Planning Cabal folks are Brent Holman, Jeff Wallace, and Curtis Chen.